Investing has always been a pastime of mine and I am all for the mantra, let your money work harder for you.

I have been investing for some years now in bonds, unit trusts, fixed deposit and myself. However stock picking has always had a sweet spot in my heart.

Going long, as the phrase suggests, is an act of buying and owning shares in anticipation that the share price will rise.

This blog is, in essence, my journey, going long. In addition to that, I will be writing about:

  1. Detailed analysis of the companies being traded in Bursa Malaysia.
  2. Other types investments which are capable of yielding a decent return such as peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, mutual funds, bonds, and maybe, cryptocurrencies.
  3. Other information which will reinforce your knowledge about investing.

From reading this blog, at your leisurely time, I hope I can inspire you to work your money harder, and ultimately, having more money to achieve your dreams.

However, I do plead that you do not treat this blog as an investment advice.

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