December 2018 Portfolio Update

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending” – Maria Robinson, author 

Cold, like the performance of investments, this year. Credit to Simon Matzinger

Before I start, let me just rant a little about the abysmal performance of this year’s assets.


Crytocurrency has fallen from grace. No longer the poster child but an abandoned child as may types of crytocurrencies, across the board, saw their prices plunged. And because of this, everyone is staying on the sideline. 


Commodities has encountered a flip-flop years. While prices of commodities generally soared in the beginning of the year, their prices slumped towards the mid-end of the year. This is true for crude oil, in general. Gold is making a strong rally towards the end of this year due to the uncertainties in other asset classes.


Equity, in general, has been hit by a series of rough patches in 2018. There was a change of government, for the very first time, since the formation of Malaysia. The USA and China are locking horns over, almost everything. And, from what I’ve gathered, many investors are in the red. And, truth be told, I am part of that unfortunate statistic.   


Cash is at about 20% of portfolio.

Regardless of the trials and tribulations, many of the companies of which stocks I own, are still making the dough. And as the market is being beaten, the share prices of many profitable companies are selling for an absolute discount. Time to be rationally irrational and seize the opportunity.

  1. 3A dividend of 2 cents per share; ex-date on 12.12.2018, payment date on 27.12.2018.
  2. AIRASIA dividend of 40 cents per share; ex-date on 12.12.2018, payment date on 28.12.2018.
  3. EKOVEST dividend of 1 cent per share; ex-date on 27.12.2018, payment date on 22.01.2019.

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