March 2018 Portfolio Update

Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.” -Paul A. Samuelson

Dear Readers

Sentiments in the stock market, in March 2018, were heavily influenced by the US interest rate hike and the trade war between the US and China. Needless to add, market turmoil is back in the spotlight.

Market down

Although the Bursa did well in shrugging off much of the turmoils, my portfolio wasn’t that fortunate. Instead, my portfolio suffered tremendously as paper profit dropped about 8%, from a gain of about 34% last month to a gain of about 26%. As an investor, you must not let market turmoil derail your levelheadedness. And there is no better way to do that but to just ignore the turmoil [See: Rationally irrational] and concentrate on increasing your earnings, either through your business or employment, so as to have more, at your disposal, to be invested.

My portfolio as at 02.04.2018:

3A 6.30 1.18 1.07 (9.20)
AIRASIA 31.88 2.80 3.93 40.45
CIMB 24.86 5.77 7.20 24.68
DNEX-WD 6.91 0.23 0.145 (34.18)
EKOVEST 12.49 1.16 0.96 (17.53)
EVERGREEN 5.21 0.79 0.47 (40.65)
MALAKOF 2.74 0.92 0.885 (3.59)
SIME 5.72 2.80 2.64 (5.94)

Some of the relevant news which happened in March 2018:

  1. Ekovest’s shareholders had voted to reject a proposal to take over IWCity at RM1.50 per share.  A resounding 69.2% of shareholders voted against the resolution.
  2. Malakoff has bought back at least 32 million shares in March 2018.
Looking forward
  1. CIMB dividend payment on 30.04.2018 of RM0.12 per share.
  2. General election. (First time voter).

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