September 2017 Portfolio Report

Dear Readers

Did we just escaped an all out nuclear calamity by the skin of our teeth? It sure did seem like it.

Although the world has moved on from the peak of the rhetorics between the Delusional Mr President and Little Rocket Man, the effect of such a threat is still lingering in the market to the extent that money is being reaped off from the equity market to be sown in gold, Yen and bonds (traditionally safe haven investments in anxious times).


Aggravating the already dire situation was the Fed’s indication that it will raise interest rate in December 2017. Since such announcement, the Greenback has been strengthening and an outflow of foreign funds, from the Malaysian equity market, is gaining prominence. The effect of which meant Bursa went into consolidation mode thus reinforcing September’s notoriety as consistently the worst performing month for Malaysian equities for some time now. It is currently on a 7-8 days bear streak with no light at the end of the tunnel just yet.

Considering everything that has happened, my portfolio remains resilient. In fact it gained 1.5%, down from a gain of 3%, right after the nuclear war rhetorics between North Korea and the USA.

The star performer was the shares of Samchem which rallied quite a bit (about 20%) bringing it back to the black. I disposed half of my holdings at RM0.995 making a tidy profit and channeled that profit to purchase more of blue chip stocks such as CIMB which experienced a gap down.

3A 6.45 1.18 1.14 -3.62
AIRASIA 28.40 2.80 3.45 23.30
CIMB 22.06 5.53 6.30 13.77
DNEX-WD 5.40 0.245 0.215 -12.45
EKOVEST 11.00 1.22 1.09 -11.00
EVERGREEN 7.20 0.84 0.79 -6.00
SAMCHEM 9.00 0.945 0.955 1.05%

I am upbeat about the dividend payments from AIRASIA, SAMCHEM and CIMB in October and November 2017. In all, my portfolio has achieved a 25.77% gain this year, inching ever closer to the 30% mark. Cash is at ~10% of portfolio.

Lets see what October has in store for us.

How well did your portfolio brave the bear of September? Do drop a comment.

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