August 2017 Report Card

Dear Readers

With the end of August, comes September,which has always been a notoriously dreadful month for Malaysian equity.

There is always a silver lining even in a pessimistic month like September. However, to take advantage of the impending bargains, I suggest that you keep some cash lying around. About 19% of my portfolio is in cash at the moment – ready to pounce at a moment’s notice.

Bruce Plante Cartoon: The Stock Market
Credit: Bruce Plante Cartoon
What’s new?

I’ve added DNEX-WD (warrant) into my portfolio when the market was frantically disposing DNEX’s shares because of its lacklustre earnings, last quarter.

A couple of counters announced the distribution of dividends: Samchem @ 1 cents per share (30 Aug) and Airasia @ 12 cents per share (5 Sept). Rest assured, the dividends will be reinvested.

Presently, my portfolio consists of the following counters:

Airasia Bhd – 21.25% gain

CIMB Group Holdings Bhd – 31.88% gain

Dagang Nexchange Bhd WD (warrant) – 12.45% loss

Ekovest Bhd- 6.49% loss

Evergreen Fibreboard Bhd – 4.72% loss

Samchem Holding Bhd – 13.13% loss

The portfolio, despite of the losses suffered by 4 out of 6 counters, only retreated 0.3% to a 24.2% gain. You may compare August’s performance with July’s performance.

Until next time. Happy investing.

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