June 2017 Share Portfolio

Dear Readers

Ever heard the adage: Sell in May and go away?

I’m thinking that it should be more than just an adage; maybe a certain fact. That way everyone would have no qualms selling off their portfolio and starting on a clean slate in November.

Credit: CNN

See, the thing is, I’ve never had a good month in May; in any given year. This year has been a letdown too.


I’ve made a major change to my portfolio. To put simply, I’ve sold the entirety of Affin Holdings Bhd (“Affin“) for a profit of about to 11%. Being low on cash, I justify the  sale because I saw an opportunity to purchase the shares of Ekovest Bhd (“Ekovest“) when its share price experienced a steep decline, early May. In hindsight, since Ekovest hardly budged after I’ve purchased it, I’d have kept Affin.

I am sticking to a 5-share-counter portfolio for the time being. May add a 6th when a decent one comes by.

My portfolio briefly touched the 30% ROI mark but subsequently took a free fall to 20% ROI.  When put in this situation, the important thing to NOT panic! Instead, think and assess the situation. Whatever you do, be it sell, hold or buy, do it only after giving some thought.

1. EKOVEST 12.57 1.241  1.23 -0.89
2. AIRASIA 23.63 2.747  2.94 7.00
3. CIMB 13.98 4.892  6.26 27.95
4. ELSOFT 23.31 1.854  2.45 32.10
5. KRONO 12.82 0.404  0.445 10.15

Gain/loss percentage may be off due to the injection of new funds (dilution). I’m sitting at 18.9% cash excluding leverage (share margin facility).  I’ll do a write up of leverage in due course – so stay tuned.

Anyway, how was your May? Do share 🙂

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