May 2017 Share Portfolio

Dear Readers

We saw a bit of turbulence in the Bursa in April 2017. Wall Street had certainly overreacted to the possibility of an nuclear war between the United States of America and North Korea. That fear crept into Bursa too.

If you hadn’t paid too much attention to the missile, you’d probably noticed that there are 16 wheels on this truck. That’s a lot of wheels.

Whilst many bought into the possibility of a doomsday scenario, cool-headed investors made the most of the unnerved market.

As stated in my article, Analysis of Elsoft Research Bhd, i would continue to accumulate shares of Elsoft Research Bhd. The scare of a nuclear annihilation created an opportunity for me to get in the market, at a bargain. Needless to say, I seized that opportunity and  increased my stake in Elsoft Research Bhd when its shares took a beating from a high of RM2.230 (11 April 2017) to a low of RM1.936 (14 April 2017). I bought in @ RM1.96. That’s a discount of about 12%.

I’ve also sold the entirety of my stake in Sapura Energy Bhd for a meager profit of 10% (excluding the meager dividend). I felt that the dynamics of the oil and gas market was impeding any meaningful yield in Sapura Energy Bhd. The profit and the capital from the said sale would serve me better through a stake in Kronologi Asia Bhd, which is making a strong presence in India with and South East Asia.

To conclude, my portfolio currently looks like this:

1. AFFIN 11.66 2.654 2.93 10.39
2. AIRASIA 29.93 2.694 3.35 24.33
3. CIMB 15.23 4.896 5.74 17.23
4. ELSOFT 23.88 1.737 2.25 29.50
5. KRONO 15.28 0.399 0.48 20.26

Cash reserve is at its lowest level, at 4.01%.

There is a lot of euphoria in the market; enough to attract the bear the lurking bear. Keep that in mind.

4 thoughts on “May 2017 Share Portfolio”

  1. I read with interest your article on ” Who’s Afraid Of Mutual Funds “. Since I’m a novice in mutual funds, I would like to seek advice on the correct mutual fund/s to invest in. Thank you. I also admire the article you wrote on Ekovest and others. Would appreciate it if you could send me your researched articles on Bursa counters.


    1. Hi Wong. I appreciate your kind comment. Just to clear the air, I am no financial advisor. If you are young and have a tolerance for risk, you may want to look at TA Global Technology Fund on Fundsupermart. It’s a feeder fund which feeds into Henderson Global Technology Fund.

      I don’t have research articles other then the ones I publish on my blog. I try to publish them weekly.

      If you’re thinking of investing directly in stocks, you might want to look at semi conductor counters. I believe most of them will do well in FY2017. Keep an eye next week for their 1Q report.

      Good luck!


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